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I'm Lindsay Shoemaker & I'm still figuring out this tumblr thing. Chuck and Fringe fan; new Doctor Who fan and fan of TV shows in general.
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Got a haircut today - it has been awhile since I’ve had it cut. #feelsAlotLighter #alsoIAmAwkwardWhenTalkingToHairStylists

One of the Waterway Square photos I took last night with my Canon 60D. #fountainsArePrettyAtNightInTheWoodlands

Finally managed to get my home workstation a bit more situated. Glad I was able to mount the iMac on a desk mount with some help and have more room now below with it off the stand. #triedToBlurOutSomeOfLogos #stillHaveSomeThingsToFigureOutWithTheWorkstation

Happy Sibling Day! :) thanks @bshoema3 for letting @larajae19 & I know. #loveMySisters #throwbackthursday #bluebonnetPicFrom1995orSo

Excited to use this pen soon! Really hope I’m not as hard on this one since there is a case that comes with it. #WacomProPen #saysItWorksWithMyIntuos #hopingThatsTrue

Yep, Peeps Pops are a thing. And family members are getting these for Easter. #peeps #cashierThoughtMomAndIHadAPeepsAddiction


Happy 68th birthday to the consistently fabulous Alan Rickman!

And as an added bonus - have some Cumberbatch and Hiddleston Rickman impressions:…and Rickman’s classic reaction.

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Fingers will be flyin’

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