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I'm Lindsay Shoemaker & I'm still figuring out this tumblr thing. Chuck and Fringe fan; new Doctor Who fan and fan of TV shows in general.
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Meant to post this Saturday night - all of us at the SherlockeDCC party at the San Diego Library! #sdcc2014 #soBusyThisPastWeekendJustNowGettingAroundToPhotos

It’s Beer O’Clock for @larajae19 & I! Made it B&W since we are both sunburned like no other from walking around Coronado today. #shoemakeradventures

We’re on our way to check out Coronado! @larajae19 #ShoemakerAdventures #SanDiego

Got my bed all set up today! :) #birthdayPresentToMe #feelBadForTheSleepNumberGuysSinceTheTruckBrokeDownOnOurDriveway

Got a Toothless Funko figure from @mab041 for my birthday! Don’t be jealous, @frea_o. ;) LOL Duchess wasn’t too sure about her nickname sake. #myToothlesses #tuxedokitty #howToTrainYourDragon #birthday2014

Came home to Duke marking all my presents. So, I put the Dalek dress @larajae19 gave me over him. He wasn’t too amused. #birthday2014 #doctorwho #siberianmixkitty

Well they didn’t decorate my cubicle much for my birthday, one of my coworkers was worried about taping streamers to the Mac. And apparently I’m the only one at work with a birthday today! Woot! :) #birthday2014 #coworkersKeptRemindingMeThisIsMyLastYearOfMyTwenties

Made it to In-N-Out in Austin! :) Next time I’ll have to get the Neapolitan Shake, Steph. #prettyTastyBurger #theTexasPaintingCrackedMeUp

Went to the Nerd Outpost today with @mab041 and did the Meet & Greet w. Zac! Glad I got to see some people I haven’t seen in a long time as well as some new ones. :) #cantWaitForNerdHQ #nerdmachine #thanksForPuttingThisTogether

Took Duchess outside on a leash. She wasn’t too sure about this adventure. #leashTrainingTheCat #tuxedokitty